Labellisé Gîte de France

  • Saint Barthélémy de Mazières church

    Dating from the fifteenth century. Its tower has 2 bells. The vault was restored in the fourteenth century and the paintings in 2007.

  • Castle of Biron

    Renaissance and Romanesque castle located on a hill on the borders of Périgord Agenais and Quercy.
    Dominating all the surrounding country, it was at the center of incessant struggles. Fighting took place there since the defense of the county of Toulouse in the twelfth to the religious wars of the sixteenth century. Manhandled by Simon de Montfort in 1212, it was rebuilt in the sixteenth by Pons de Gontaut introducing the Renaissance style.
    24 generations of Gontaut-Biron have succeeded in this castle from the 12th to the 20th century, each bringing its amendments.

  • Castle of Bonaguil

    Bonaguil, one of the finest castle of France located in the municipality of Saint Front sur Lémance near Fumel.
    Powerful fortress existing since the thirteenth century, it was transformed in 1477 by Baron Beranger Hautefeuille to make it impregnable.
    Never attacked, it is one of the most perfect specimen of military architecture from the late fifteenth and sixteenth centuries using guns, gunboats and musketry.

  • Bastide of Monpazier

    English Bastide, is one of the best preserved in Perigord with several fortified gates.

  • House made of stockings in Mazières

    Dating from the late Middle Ages and unique architecture in France, it was built between 1505 and 1507.
    On frame made ​​of oak planks on a stone foundation to protect it from moisture, it was intended to farmers coming for new lands. A timbered partition separates 2 rooms, one used for crops and other to live in.
    We find several in the area. The architecture that exists nowhere else in France, evokes the Nordic and Mountain chalets, we do not know who built them : indigenous or immigrants.

  • Village of Saint Avit

    Village where was born Bernard Palissy (1510-1590)
    Potter, scientist, naturalist and writer. Burning his last furniture to keep the fire, after long trials and many failures finally made him discover ceramics.

  • Bastide of Monflanquin

    French, it was founded by Alphonse de Poitiers.
    Overlooking the valley Lede, the Bastide is classified as one of the most beautiful villages in France.

  • Sarlat

    Beautiful medieval town, Gothic and Renaissance

  • Les Eyzies

    Major prehistoric place in Europe, it houses caves and prehistory museum.

  • Lascaux

    Discovered in September 1940 - « Sistine Chapel » of prehistory.
    You can visit the fac simile Lascaux II opened in 1983 taking notes in Montignac.